Support on arrival in Japan

Welcome and pick-up at the airport

If students wish to live in a dormitory designated by the school, we will pick them up at Fukuoka Airport free of charge when they arrive in Japan.

↗Housing support

Except for special circumstances, students who enroll at aile academy are required to live in the dormitory provided by the school for the first 6 months after enrollment. After that, the contract will be renewed every 6 months, and students may stay until they graduate from the school. Students can choose a dormitory according to their budget and lifestyle.

Support for procedures, etc.

Resident registration and enrolment National Health Insurance scheme

All students who come to Japan to study must complete the procedure as soon as possible after their arrival. If you join the National Health Insurance system, the co-payment for medical expenses is 30% when you receive treatment for illness or injury at a hospital.

↗Opening a bank account

Students open bank accounts to keep their money safe. They will need the bank account in various situations, such as when transferring their part-time salary, when renewing their visa, and when transferring money to and from their home country. A school staff member will accompany them to open the bank account, so please do not worry.

Other Support

In addition, all of our staff will provide support for students so that they can enjoy their study abroad experience with peace of mind.

When medical treatment is required for illness or injury.
Involved in an accident or incident.
Counselling on various problems and worries.
Processing of immigration procedures on your behalf.